Saturday, November 5, 2011


What a crazy week!! Seven days ago, a freak snow storm named Alfred barreled through the northeast. He dropped a foot of snow on us and while doing so, knocked out power, heat, phone lines, etc. Our yard looks like a bomb went off in it. Tree limbs and entire trees still litter our yard. Because it was October and leaves were still on the trees, when the snow fell, it added hundreds of pounds the trees couldn't support. So they snapped. And cracked. And plummeted.

The nighttime sky during the storm was bright because of cloud cover. After our cable and power went out, we needed to watch something entertaining, err riveting... My husband Joe and I couldn't peel ourselves away from the back window. Against the white sky, we could see it all. Snow flakes the size of silver dollars, increasing wind and every few seconds, a snap and pop was heard, then a big THUMP. We were hopeful none of the many falling trees would make their way through our roof. We were lucky.

The house got cold that night. Forced hot water heats our home, via the magic of electricity... Normally. Not on this night, nor the next days later, it still is not.

We "roughed it" for three nights. Days were spent in layers. Poor Justin wore two pairs of footy jammies for three days under his clothes. The house was 50 degrees. We slept under a hundred pounds of blankets, all three of us huddled together.

All businesses, restaurants and retail alike were out of power. Nothing was open. No morning coffee, no hot food, NO GYM, no showering, nothing. We stayed busy playing trains and cars with Justin, visiting friends and family; all of whom were in the same boat.

This storm happened on Saturday. On Tuesday, my dad's power was restored. He called to tell us to come over. So far, we've been there for four nights. I'm so grateful for their hospitality but I want my own bed back :-(

Not only did we get the invite to come over to dad's but so did my step-sister and brother, their fianc├ęs and their pets. It was a full house, but in the best way. Justin was in his glory being surrounded by so many pets and family members, he's probably wishing this could happen more often.

Along with restored power at dad's came access to his treadmill!!! Woo hoo! My first workout in four days! I would have been running outside this whole time but without the ability to shower, it wasn't happening. Not to mention all the trees and downed power lines I'd have to dodge.

So anyway, being at dad's, we were provided heat, food, water, cable... Overall a sense of normalcy after three days in the dark ages.

Right now I'm on a train to New York City. It's marathon weekend. I'm going to watch my step-sister Missy cross her first finish line after 26.2 miles, along with her childhood friend and neighbor, Kristin. Mark, my step bro is running with Missy, but it's old hat for him. He's done several marathons.

I left the hubby and babe behind in CT. I have guilt, but not enough to get me down. Fingers are crossed for power restoration at our house today. Joe is struggling with ideas for activities to do with my Peanut. At least if at home, they're in their comfort zone and surrounded by Justin's toys. Nobody but my dad is at dad's anymore. Seemingly our street is last to get power back. Argh.

I'm excited to vacation for all of 36 hours in the city. I miss my boys but what lies ahead is a massive clean up of the yard. NOT looking forward to getting back to that. $1,000's in clean up fees, I'm sure...(sigh)...

Our back yard: