Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Exciting Year Ahead!

I’m looking forward to many things in the upcoming months! Lots of exciting things on the horizon. This weekend, I’ll be running in the “Burn Calories for Fuel 10K” which in it’s self is not THAT exciting, but I set a goal to place in my age group so I’ll be interested in seeing how things pan out.

Not only am I running on Saturday, but so is Justin! There’s a kid’s fun run and he’ll be participating!! He’ll get his first race bib and everything! I can’t wait. My race is at 9:00 and his at 10:00. If I can pace a 7:45 mile, I’ll finish in 45 minutes or so, but I suppose my main goal is to finish before Justin starts so I can see the cutest race ever.

I was sick a few weeks ago for several days and that really set me back as far as training for speed is concerned. I’ll be happy if I can finish, having paced in the low to mid 8’s but I think a placement will happen if I can pace around 7:45. I got 2nd in my age group last year for pacing a 7:45 mile in the 5K, so assuming a similar group is signed up as last year, maybe I can count on a lack of speedy 30 year olds pacing in the 6’s.

Either way, this will be an epic day for my little guy…assuming he is truly interested in running. He MAY just get shy and not want to do it! I wouldn’t be entirely surprised.

Next up on the agenda of exciting things is the month of June! There’s the Iron Horse Half Marathon on June 3 and a trip to Vegas on June 7.

The Iron Horse is a beautiful, scenic race which is my unofficial kick off race to Hartford Marathon training. I’ll hope to finish the half marathon with a PR of 1:50. Not going to miss many beats with speed training for this race!

June 9, my eldest niece will graduate high school, so Justin and I are flying out together, accompanied by my mom, my dad, my step mom and my step sister Missy. It’ll be fun spending time in the desert sun by the pool or out on the strip partying. I’ve never been on vacation with Missy, so I think it will prove to be a fun time!

Enter months July-September… the months leading up to the Hartford Marathon (October 13), my yearly commitment to myself. I just e-mailed one of the race directors today to see what is entailed in volunteering as a pace group leader. If no opportunity is available to me, I will shoot to do this race in 4 hours or less. If I’m able to volunteer, I will look to pace a group finishing in 4:10-4:25. Quite a few people have signed up for this race already… My step brother, step sister, my friend Tammi… Looking forward to another success in October!

Then to cap off the year, we’ll be flying down to St. John in late October! My mom was nice enough to rent a villa for my family, my sister’s family and herself. We will enjoy a week with our toes in the sand, our butts in crystal clear water, drinks in hand…Ahhhhhhhh!!! By far, a vacation of a lifetime.

So much to look forward to in the upcoming year! Anticipation is half the fun though, so now I shall wait…with a smile…