Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day Three

It's mid afternoon. Justin is down for a nap... hopefully for more than 5 minutes. Last night was a difficult one in terms of sleep, so I'm surprised he hasn't been making up for it all day today. I think he allowed me a whole four hours of sleep last night. I was up at 7:00 this morning for the day and as tired as I was, I still dragged myself to complete the day's training. I did three sets of suicides for three minutes each and ran a slow, albeit stiff three miles. At first I thought the suicides was going to prove to be a great warm up, but geesh, I just couldn't shake the stiff feeling. I feel like my body is not made to run or something. Even now, several hours after my run, I still feel like I need all my energy to lift my legs to walk to the kitchen. Oh well, in a few more days I'll be back to my normal self... I hope.

Tomorrow is a walk/rest day, so Justin and I will go walk a fast 30-50 minutes. Yesterday we did about 40 minutes. It was quite chilly out and I expect tomorrow will be the same. It'll only be a few more weeks until Justin can't join me anymore on walks because it will too cold for his precious little face.

Yesterday I ate okay. Special K for breakfast. Tortellini and shrimp for lunch and a veggie delight from Subway for dinner. I did also indulge in two Subway cookies for dessert. I drank lots of water too.

Today I had a Gu before my workout. Not something I'd usually do for any run under 60 minutes or so, but I was tired and needed a boost. After my workout, I ate a banana and coffee then started with the water. I'm on my second 32 oz helping. Lunch was a tuna sandwich and I just had a granola bar with a handful of pistachios.

Usually I'd be eating lots of whole foods and veggies, but I haven't been to the grocery store in a bit and I'm somewhat putting it off.

Today consisted also of entertaining the little guy, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom and working on my jewelry. It's close to the Holiday season, so I have to build up my inventory of handmade creations to sell at a few trade shows and to some spas in the area.

Never a dull moment...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day One

So, it's early evening. The day is hardly over but I do have progress to report. I slept until 9:00 this morning which was great. My husband went to Dunkin Donuts to get coffees and came home with breakfast sandwiches too. Uhg. Hardly the breakfast of champions-- egg and cheese on a plain bagel. Definitely some fuel for the run, but other than that, no real nutritional value. Coffee was great though. Such a guilty pleasure of mine.

Justin napped for a few this morning then we headed over to my mom's so I could run. My mom only lives about 10 minutes from me, so it's pretty convenient to have her watch him. I ran my three miles but I can't really say I felt good about it. I started slow and stayed slow. I felt stiff and I wondered how I ever ran 13.1 miles only two weeks ago. Since the half marathon on Oct. 10, I've only run once. I ran 3.5 miles two or three days after the race. After that, I felt like I was coming down with the flu so I took a break. Now, back to square one. I felt today like I'd never run before.

Nonetheless, I'm on my way to the Hyannis Marathon. 18 weeks to go! Tam said she was going to run 3 today. Not sure what Kate was going to do.

Other than my breakfast sandwich and coffee, I ate a banana, a granola bar, a handful of pistachios, a Fruitabu fruit thing and just now, shrimp and veggie pizza. I will drink close to 100 oz. of water by the time the day is over and I'll probably have a fudgsicle too. I also worked out with my Boflex weights for 15 minutes, doing various exercises for reps of 10.

Right now I'm nursing Justin and typing with one hand. I probably should get going. Tomorrow is a walk day. I'll probably walk with Justin in the running stroller for 3-5 miles.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big day tomorrow!

It's almost 10:00, Sunday night. It took three tries in an hour for me to get Justin to fall asleep this evening. I think he's finally down for a while. I'd like to get to bed soon myself, but the Yanks game is on and it's only the 4th inning. We're up 3-1 and if we win this one, we're in the World Series. So maybe in a few hours, I'll be hitting the hay. I won't be running until noon time or so tomorrow, so I may get a chance to sleep late if Justin allows.

Tomorrow marks the first day of my marathon training. I'll be training for and completing the Hyannis Marathon on Cape Cod February 28, 2010. Yes, a full marathon in the dead of winter in New England. Crazy, right?? nah....

Only two weeks ago, I completed my third half marathon. Training during the summer was not in my best interest. I hate the heat and humidity. Not to mention I gave birth to my baby boy Justin in July, so I carried a lot of extra weight while training and that just made things a lot harder for me. Because of that, the February marathon is looking pretty attractive.

Joining me tomorrow in the start of my journey will be two of my best friends, Tammi and Kate. We have been running together (whether physically or mentally) ever since we set our sights on the Philadelphia Marathon in 2007. No, I did not complete the 26.2 that year. 5 months prior to the November race, I was told I had a fracture in my tibia. I had to rest and cease training. I did however complete the half marathon with Kate. Tammi did the full 26.2.

Since that race, I've done many others, but now it's serious... I have set my sights on the finish line of my first full marathon. I want really bad to meet my goal this time around. I completed my first half marathon since the birth of Justin on the day he turned three months old. I'd like nothing more than to cross the finish line of my first full when he is only six months old.

Yanks are still up 3-1. It's now the 6th inning. Let's wrap this up boys and send mama to bed. The first three miles of my long journey begin tomorrow.