Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Potty Training Success!!

Well it was certainly a fulfilling weekend. Lots of running and fitness mixed in with lots of motherhood—the two things my whole blog is geared toward! We made strides in the whole potty training arena. Several weeks ago, we called it quits with diapers. Justin will be 4 in July and was still sleeping and pooping in diapers until Joe put his foot down and said NO MORE! Several weeks ago, we used our last diaper and said hello to a long week of getting Justin to agree to poo on the potty. He became constipated and the task became painful. Finally we got over the hurdle and poo on the potty became second nature. After that, we introduced sleeping at night with no diaper.  I read up on how to avoid accidents in the bed. I followed this plan:

  • Limit beverages 2 hours before bed.
  • Sit on toilet just before getting into bed.
  • Wake him up to pee just before I go to bed.
  • Wake him up one additional time during the night to pee.

I followed this plan for a few weeks until one night he woke up on his own and went into the bathroom by himself to pee like a big boy. I still limit beverages and have him pee before bed. I’ll wake him up before I go to bed too, but no longer will I wake him in the night. It’s been several days since a night time accident. The strides we made specifically this past weekend were doing away with the little potty. He was out with Joe yesterday and I got in a cleaning frenzy. I cleaned his Elmo potty so well that it was clean enough to put away—so I did. I told Justin I gave it to another little boy and since he is a big boy now, he could use the big potty. He took no issue and within the next hour was doing poo on the big potty. WOW! I’m feeling way accomplished. I don’t know if it was just good timing or what, but PHEW! What a feeling! He is getting so independent.  Now, when he can wipe his own ass, I’ll be doing cartwheels!!

Other wonderful things that happened this weekend were a very hilly half marathon on Saturday, and some serious gym time on Sunday. While I was doing these things, Justin and Joe were either at a birthday party or at the indoor golf place. We also met up with friends for dinner on Saturday evening and had Justin’s friend over Sunday afternoon. I guess you could say we got the most out of our weekend. 

My half marathon on Saturday was my first race since recovering from my hip injury. I had initially thought with proper training, I could do a sub-two hour race. Then I saw the topography of the race route. Talk about hills!! I later decided, at the risk of re-injury I would do this race “just to do it” and put no pressure on myself regarding a time. A great surprise was (literally) running into my step brother at the starting line. We chatted about pace and agreed to run together. I won’t bore you with details of every mile, but I will say it was a cold, misty, hilly run. No bells and whistles. No street closures even. Just runners running on country roads. Another treat was a little cheer section around mile 6. Fellow runner friends (and sisters) Jen and Kristin were there with water, signs and moral support. I stopped to say hi then quickly ran off. 

 race route topography, lol
Our cheer section!

Marky approaching the finish

Here I am just seconds after Marky!

We finished in just over 2:08. Not bad. 

I think my next half, which is in June (Iron Horse Half), I’ll do for time. I may shoot for 1:45. I did it last year in 1:58. It’s a beautiful, flat course in my favorite area to run in CT. Until then I have a few 5K and 10K races that I’ll be building up speed for. 

It’s not often I write on my blog. But I do like to keep it up to date. Who knows when my next entry will be. Hopefully not several months from now. 

Keep running!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

A Year in Review - 2012 Comes to a Close

Well 2012 ended and we are on to 2013! All in all it was a great year.  Many milestones were hit with running, motherhood, my professional life and in my marriage.

In January, I entered back into the working world after having been a stay home mom and part-time waitress. My once permanent employer invited me back to work on an assignment which entailed planning an annual technology summit.  Justin began day care/preschool and we were introduced to a whole new level of balancing life's obstacles.  This was also the moth we celebrated being homeowners for two years.

February, I completed my third marathon. It was in Hyannis, MA on Cape Cod. It was a cold, grueling, race which I would have PR'd if it wasn't for the 40 mph head winds. It was a fun girl's weekend with my sister Missy.  We did this race on my Dad's 65th birthday so I gifted him my medal. This was also the month we visited Disney World. Justin very much enjoyed the experience.

March was epic because we introduced underwear to Justin at the ripe age of 2.5. He began wearing undies to school and has had very few accidents since. We still struggle with him doing poo on the potty and he still sleeps with diapers but we'll get there!!

April was a great month for running.  I PR'd in the Burn Calories for Fuel 10K in two ways. I placed 2nd in my age group and finished in 51:36. My fastest 10K ever! This same race hosted a kid's fun run and was Justin's first race. He had a number (which has been framed of course) and won his first medal. Priceless!

In May, I PR'd again, having won the title "first female finisher" of the inaugural Valassis 5K.  This was also the month that my assignment brought me to Orlando Florida for the annual technology summit. I spent five days away from Justin and Joe. I missed them dearly but also enjoyed a sense of independence.

Come June, I was unemployed again. My assignment ended which I expected completely, but nonetheless was worried about where an income, secondary to Joe's, would be coming from.  These worries, though valid, didn't prevent a family trip to Vegas. My eldest niece Taylor was graduating from high school. Joe stayed behind, but I traveled with mom, dad, Vic, Missy and Justin. The long weekend was filled with celebration. A few weeks later, Mia, my youngest niece came to CT and we welcomed summer with trips to the beach and NYC.

In July, Justin turned 3! Joe and I took him to Mystic Aquarium to see the sea lion show and beluga whales.  He acted horrendous most of the day but our pictures captured some great shots. In 10 years, we'll look back and think we had a lovely day! The following week, my nephew visited and we went to a Yanks game in NYC and enjoyed more beach and CT shoreline.  My job search continued but while searching for full time work, I helped out at a friend's bakery and worked the local farmer's market.

In August, I landed at my current job. Finally full time employment!! It hadn't been since I was laid off in November of 2008 that I was permanently employed! I entered the event planning world as the Assistant to the President, however as time went on, I would be doing more actual event planning.

September was a great month! I greeted the age of 31 at the casino with friends, and then Joe and I later celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary. Training for the Hartford Marathon was well underway, having run over 110 miles in this month. This month however, was also when I injured myself but would remain in denial until after the marathon.

In October, I finished my fourth marathon, and as a pace team leader! I led the 4:25 pace team to the finish line within 21 seconds of our goal. Not without pain though and of course not without support from fellow runners.  Shortly after finishing the Hartford Marathon, I was diagnosed with a inguinal strain.  I was to cease running for 4 weeks and hence forget about running the Philly Marathon in a few short weeks. This was the month my family and I visited the beautiful island of St. John. Nine of us in a villa in Paradise was amazing.

November, I did a lot of cross-training. Lots of spinning and elliptical.  I was prescribed physical therapy but I opted out of that.  I had planned on completing my fifth marathon mid-month but injury held me back from the Philly. I submitted a doctor's note to the Philadelphia Marathon Foundation in an effort to get refunded my $125 registration fee but would later get a letter saying "you won't be refunded, however your registration is deferred to 2013". So guess what's on deck for 2013?! Thanksgiving was spent at Missy's house with very nontraditional dishes and a few of our favorite people. 

In December, I began logging some running miles-- 35 or so. I kept a slow pace and did just a few miles per week. I didn't want to push it, just coming off of my injury. Joe joined me in a few spin classes and continues to do so. Even with the chaos of the Holiday Season, I only missed three non-rest days of workouts. We celebrated Joe's 32nd birthday with a successful surprise party. We enjoyed our annual "Friends with Kids" Christmas Party.  Even Santa showed up! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent with each of our families and we were far too spoiled!

Now January is here. Welcome 2013! My race goals are set for the year. Kicking it off with a half marathon next month! It's been described as "tough as nails" since it's a very hilly course.  Yikes!

I'll keep this blog posted with some upcoming highlights of the New Year. Until then, KEEP RUNNING!!