Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's been a while...

Was just reading my last entry to see where I left off. It’s been a while since I last blogged (for the record I hate that word) so I figured some catching up was due. I DID place in my age group for the Burn Calories for Fuel 10K last month. I was second in my age group which is exactly what I thought I would do. Yay! Cheers to victories! Justin did amazing in his fun run that day too. It was priceless watching him run and cross the finish line. We framed his number and he was given a medal. Something to cherish for many years!!

(Here is me and my little guy pre-kids fun run.)

On the topic of victories, I participated in the Valassis 5k last weekend. It was the inaugural race, put on by the company I’m currently contracting for. There was a small group, and I feel like I must say that as a disclaimer. There were about 25 participants, but of those 25, I was the third overall finisher and the first woman finisher. Woot Woot!!!

(Here I am with my fancy trophy)

So, I know I’ve mentioned Girls on the Run in the past-- an organization which I have decided to support this year. This past weekend while I was running the Valassis 5k, a group of about 15 people met for the second Hartford Chapter “start up” meeting. I couldn’t be there, but want to report the success from our first meeting which was a few weeks prior. We established that the basic steps required to start up the Hartford Chapter are to create a Board of Directors, find about $10k in funding (ugh) and attend a weekend long training at the GOTR Headquarters in North Carolina.The training teaches the 12 step curriculum which will then be shared with the girls that enroll in the program—girls that are looking to be empowered and feel confident. I’m unsure of how much of my time I can commit to the program. The start up requires a huge commitment and I’ve got a lot on my plate already. What I’ve tried to do is register as a SoleMate with GOTR. What that means is I would basically raise awareness on my own time and encourage friends and family to donate money to the overall cause.I would promote the program prior to each race I run, sort of like a ramp up. I’m awaiting direction from a Chapter Leader in Fairfield County. I think I keep telling everyone to stay tuned… but I’ll say it again… STAY TUNED!! LOL. For more info click: Girls On the Run

Onto other things… since the title of my blog is “A Mom’s Journey in Today’s Runner’s World”, let me talk about some mom things and I suppose general life things… For those that don’t know, my sweet Justin will be three years old in July. When I decided to return to full time work six months ago, it was a big deal because we were putting Justin in daycare/school for three days per week. The other two days each week, he goes with my mom or my dad. Rarely is it difficult to leave him with my parents, but dropping him at daycare has proven to be challenging. More times than not, he cries when Joe or I drop him off and it’s heart wrenching walking out that door. Though drop off is hard, he enjoys his days there and has developed quite the vocabulary and thirst for knowledge. Seeing him interact with other kids is sure priceless too. Daycare has been ultimately wonderful for him. Now, the contract that I’m on (basically the source of funding for Justin’s school) is up in two weeks. I worry because after my contract, if I don’t find another job, I’ll have to pull him out of school. Though he’ll love the thought of being home with mommy every day, I do believe he needs the structure of school.

Enter interview at Travelers Insurance today!! A previous boss of mine reached out to me a few weeks ago and hooked me up with the interview for the role of Assistant to a VP. Wish me luck!! Sure hoping this happens for me so I can keep Justin in school, and well, pay my other bills too!! It would be awesome to work with Tricia again too.

So, in an effort to get a good start to today, I ran a rainy 9 miles this morning. I’m feeling fresh, clear and good about my interview skills and what I can offer this VP as an assistant. I’m glad too because Tricia said the VP is currently training for a marathon. Something in common with a potential boss is always great!

Wish me luck! Only four more hours to anticipate…

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