Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Potty Training Success!!

Well it was certainly a fulfilling weekend. Lots of running and fitness mixed in with lots of motherhood—the two things my whole blog is geared toward! We made strides in the whole potty training arena. Several weeks ago, we called it quits with diapers. Justin will be 4 in July and was still sleeping and pooping in diapers until Joe put his foot down and said NO MORE! Several weeks ago, we used our last diaper and said hello to a long week of getting Justin to agree to poo on the potty. He became constipated and the task became painful. Finally we got over the hurdle and poo on the potty became second nature. After that, we introduced sleeping at night with no diaper.  I read up on how to avoid accidents in the bed. I followed this plan:

  • Limit beverages 2 hours before bed.
  • Sit on toilet just before getting into bed.
  • Wake him up to pee just before I go to bed.
  • Wake him up one additional time during the night to pee.

I followed this plan for a few weeks until one night he woke up on his own and went into the bathroom by himself to pee like a big boy. I still limit beverages and have him pee before bed. I’ll wake him up before I go to bed too, but no longer will I wake him in the night. It’s been several days since a night time accident. The strides we made specifically this past weekend were doing away with the little potty. He was out with Joe yesterday and I got in a cleaning frenzy. I cleaned his Elmo potty so well that it was clean enough to put away—so I did. I told Justin I gave it to another little boy and since he is a big boy now, he could use the big potty. He took no issue and within the next hour was doing poo on the big potty. WOW! I’m feeling way accomplished. I don’t know if it was just good timing or what, but PHEW! What a feeling! He is getting so independent.  Now, when he can wipe his own ass, I’ll be doing cartwheels!!

Other wonderful things that happened this weekend were a very hilly half marathon on Saturday, and some serious gym time on Sunday. While I was doing these things, Justin and Joe were either at a birthday party or at the indoor golf place. We also met up with friends for dinner on Saturday evening and had Justin’s friend over Sunday afternoon. I guess you could say we got the most out of our weekend. 

My half marathon on Saturday was my first race since recovering from my hip injury. I had initially thought with proper training, I could do a sub-two hour race. Then I saw the topography of the race route. Talk about hills!! I later decided, at the risk of re-injury I would do this race “just to do it” and put no pressure on myself regarding a time. A great surprise was (literally) running into my step brother at the starting line. We chatted about pace and agreed to run together. I won’t bore you with details of every mile, but I will say it was a cold, misty, hilly run. No bells and whistles. No street closures even. Just runners running on country roads. Another treat was a little cheer section around mile 6. Fellow runner friends (and sisters) Jen and Kristin were there with water, signs and moral support. I stopped to say hi then quickly ran off. 

 race route topography, lol
Our cheer section!

Marky approaching the finish

Here I am just seconds after Marky!

We finished in just over 2:08. Not bad. 

I think my next half, which is in June (Iron Horse Half), I’ll do for time. I may shoot for 1:45. I did it last year in 1:58. It’s a beautiful, flat course in my favorite area to run in CT. Until then I have a few 5K and 10K races that I’ll be building up speed for. 

It’s not often I write on my blog. But I do like to keep it up to date. Who knows when my next entry will be. Hopefully not several months from now. 

Keep running!!

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