Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big day tomorrow!

It's almost 10:00, Sunday night. It took three tries in an hour for me to get Justin to fall asleep this evening. I think he's finally down for a while. I'd like to get to bed soon myself, but the Yanks game is on and it's only the 4th inning. We're up 3-1 and if we win this one, we're in the World Series. So maybe in a few hours, I'll be hitting the hay. I won't be running until noon time or so tomorrow, so I may get a chance to sleep late if Justin allows.

Tomorrow marks the first day of my marathon training. I'll be training for and completing the Hyannis Marathon on Cape Cod February 28, 2010. Yes, a full marathon in the dead of winter in New England. Crazy, right?? nah....

Only two weeks ago, I completed my third half marathon. Training during the summer was not in my best interest. I hate the heat and humidity. Not to mention I gave birth to my baby boy Justin in July, so I carried a lot of extra weight while training and that just made things a lot harder for me. Because of that, the February marathon is looking pretty attractive.

Joining me tomorrow in the start of my journey will be two of my best friends, Tammi and Kate. We have been running together (whether physically or mentally) ever since we set our sights on the Philadelphia Marathon in 2007. No, I did not complete the 26.2 that year. 5 months prior to the November race, I was told I had a fracture in my tibia. I had to rest and cease training. I did however complete the half marathon with Kate. Tammi did the full 26.2.

Since that race, I've done many others, but now it's serious... I have set my sights on the finish line of my first full marathon. I want really bad to meet my goal this time around. I completed my first half marathon since the birth of Justin on the day he turned three months old. I'd like nothing more than to cross the finish line of my first full when he is only six months old.

Yanks are still up 3-1. It's now the 6th inning. Let's wrap this up boys and send mama to bed. The first three miles of my long journey begin tomorrow.

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