Sunday, November 1, 2009

One week since my first post, six days into training

Grrrrr.... I'm mad...and sad...and happy... go figure. I'm mad because I didn't get my 5 miler in today. I'm sad because my legs hurt and I knew they wouldn't bring me more than 10 feet today. I'm happy because my step brother ran the NYC Marathon today and had a great time and pace. I tracked him the whole time and watched the whole event on TV. It was a great motivator... rather would have been if I could have ran.

My last run was on Friday. I did a slow and again stiff three miles. It's now Sunday. Today would have been my first "long" run of my training plan and I didn't do it. I'm beating myself up about it, no doubt. I have to make a doctor's appointment STAT. Tomorrow I will call and get in asap. Get some x-rays or a CT scan or something. I've never felt this pain/sensation before. I fear something is really wrong.

Yesterday I went for a walk in an effort to stretch out and feel better. I did my usual three mile route with Justin in the stroller and came home almost in tears. I kept chanting my two favorite chants the whole time we were out there... "Just one leg in front of the other... over and over and over." and "Just go a little further than what you think you can do." I finished what I set out to do but could barely carry my 13 pound son up the stairs afterward. I had to have my husband carry the stroller up the stairs for me. My legs would have gave out otherwise.

Justin is fussing in the crib. Must go tend to him.... I'll finish complaining later...

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