Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hyannis Marathon Recap

I ran a good race on Sunday. I missed my goal by about 6 minutes but I felt real good and strong the whole time. The fact that I felt I could have kept going at the end, gives me the desire to kick it up a notch. Not only have I begun researching additional marathons to complete this year, but also options for an ultra marathon. There is one in April—a 50K. It’s a 31 mile race in Carmel NY (gasp).

We knew ahead of time we were in for a windy race weekend. Missy and I arrived to Hyannis the afternoon prior to race day and spent an uneventful evening at a series of places: the race expo, Olive Garden, Home Goods and Christmas Tree Shops—Woo! I know, such crazy ladies we are! We retired to our room and got to bed early in preparation for the big event. Missy had not participated in any races since a little one a few months back. Maybe you’ve heard of it… the NYC Marathon? Though completing the marathon with flying colors, her heart wasn’t in the Hyannis Half 100%. She registered for it then had some doubts. She even convinced herself that upon arrival to the race, she would do the Hyannis 10K instead of the half marathon. A little bit of coaxing from yours truly and she changed her mind back to the half. And it’s a good thing! She had her 2nd best half marathon time ever! Kudos to Miss!!

I, on the other hand had trained for this race whole heartedly. At my stage of athleticism, I’m not willing to attempt a full marathon without proper training. Though I spent weeks running and cross training in doors and out, in the elements and also on the monotonous treadmill, nothing prepared me for the 40-50 mph wind gusts that would not let up during miles 17-23. Oh My Gosh!

Enter play by play…

Pre-race, 9:00am - We arrive well rested and fed to the Hyannis Conference Center, aka, the start and finish line. Having parked about ¼ mile away, we were quickly aware of the wind we would face out on the route. Dressed in my wind proof gear, I wasn’t cold per se, but the force of the wind was tremendous! I begin to worry I won’t finish in my goal time. It doesn’t help that I’ve lost a token that has been passed between my sister and step-siblings for each marathon. It was my turn to wear the little golden eagle pin and apparently it’s fallen off my jacket since I affixed it in the hotel room. I had pinned it to my jacket’s pocket which was zipped, so even though the eagle fell off somewhere, I still had the backing in my pocket. Sigh, this half token would have to suffice.

We ran with these on our backs. It was my dad's 65th birthday and since he is the reason I ever laced up running shoes, I gifted him my medal.

9:15-9:35- We wait in a line to pee. Why do girls take so long to pee???

9:45- Line up at the start. I look around for Kate, my friend with whom I’ve been running for years. She is there with her hubby for his first (and her third) half. There are too many people!! 4,300 half marathoners, 400 full marathoners and lots of relay-ers too. No luck. We’ll catch up later.

10:00- the Gun!! Bye Miss! See you later! Have fun!

10:01-11:00- miles 1-7… Feelin’ good here. Looking at my pace bracelet, I realize I am 4 minutes ahead of my goal time. Okay, time to slow it down. I do NOT want to expend too much energy now and have the need to crawl across the finish line later. Pacing in the 8’s is not what was agreed.

11:01-12:00- Wow, what a beautiful day it is! The sky is blue, the sun is bright. The ocean is gorgeous! Look at the size of that house! Hmmm, I’m getting hungry. When’s the next water stop? Where is a port-o-potty? Does a Kennedy live there?

Noon time- I approach the finish of the half marathon. The full is a double loop course which is kind of a mind fuck. As half marathoners are approaching the finish and getting cheered on to veer off into the chute because they’re “almost there”, I have to push forth and do it all over again! LOL, it’s what I signed up for after all!

1:00- Where is mile 20? If I can just get to mile 20, it’s all down hill from there. As soon as I hit the 20’s it’s all good. Just a little 10k to go! WOAH! How about that WIND!!??

1:01-1:30- Hmmmm… can I get a tail wind!?? Why, if I am doing a loop, is this head wind constant? If I’m traveling east then shift west, shouldn’t the wind be at my back at some point?? And it’s 40 friggin mph nonetheless??

1:31-1:45- WTF Wind!!??

1:46-2:00- Ok, almost done…Not making my goal of 4:10, but it’s going to be close. Kick it up a notch! I’m strong! I feel great! Woo! Mile marker 24!

2:01-2:16- Woo! Mile 25!!! Getting there!! Keep running. One foot in front of the other… Ooohhh, I see the home stretch! And there’s mile marker 26! I hear the crowds!! Hey, there’s Missy! Smile, she has her camera out!

2:16:12- DONE! Hmmm… my legs feel good! Even great! Let’s keep going…LOL! Nah, where’s my medal? Let’s get outta here. Check out at the hotel is at 3:00. We still need showers. Oohh, is that a smoothie shop?

Overall this race was great! This was the review I posted on—

This was my second time in Hyannis for this event. In 2011, I did the half and this year, the full. I'll agree with most comments about this race that the main event is the half, with the marathon being secondary. Over 4300 ppl did the 1/2, and 402 was the final count for the full.

Reading reviews of previous year's fulls, I was weary. Some comments reported insufficient water stops and not enough water for marathoners on their second lap around the double loop. Being a 'middle of the pack' runner, I surely hoped this wouldn't be an issue for me. I train with a water belt, but don't like to race with it. I jokingly told race volunteers at the water stops on my first loop to 'be sure they're there on my second lap!!' They were! and with a full water table. I didn't get the impression they'd be running out any time soon, even for the 'back of the packers'.

People were friendly for sure! The route is beautiful. I enjoyed it more on my second loop, only because the pack thins out tremendously and I was able to view beautiful houses and the ocean/beaches unobstructed.

Roads to traffic barely close for this race and if I had to complain about one thing, that would be it. I don't doubt residents were made aware of this race far in advance, however we'd run past lines of cars with angry drivers behind the wheel waiting to be let through the crowd and it made me uneasy. There's one portion of the race where they cone off one lane for runners and keep the other open for drivers. Drivers were speeding past in anger and was annoying. I mean, geeze, we're stimulating their economy by being there!!!

This is a great race to PR, as the course is flat with a few rolling hills. I tried to finish in 4:10 but wind was a huge factor. From miles 17-23 or so, I had a head wind which was reported later as being as gusty as 40 mph. I ran with my wind gear so I wasn't necessarily cold, but the force of the wind cut my speed tremendously. I finished in 4:16:12. I felt real strong the whole race and at the end I could have kept going which certainly adds to the fact that I had a wonderful experience with this marathon!

So, I raced on Sunday, hit the gym on Monday with the hubby. Massage was Tuesday. It’s Wednesday and time to hit the pavement again…

Contemplating the Sybil Ludington 50k in April.

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  1. GREAT JOB! About 1 hour better than my time! Relish in that ;-)