Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ramblings of a Runner Mom

When I set my goals for 2012, I didn't think for a moment I was being unreasonable. I'm a full time mom, a wife, a part time runner, a home-maker, I have my priorities and I can balance it all. It's all part of the challenge (which I enjoy)...WAIT! Enter the Holidays, a new full time job, vacation, death in the family...OY!

Looking back on my training for my upcoming marathon in two weeks, I'm proud to say I stuck to my plan and hurdled (har har) over the obstacles put in front of me. Here are the conversations that took place in my head while planning for and doing long runs in the face of tragedy, drama, chaos and adversity.

November 24 + 25... Thanksgiving then my step brother's wedding. Better eat and drink light! got 12 miles to run on November 26. Oh wait! My sister is in town? Whatevs, she can come along too!

December 1-6... Fly to Vegas to visit my sister. Vegas Half Marathon on December 4. No personal best in this race. Ran shoulder to shoulder with 47,000 people and was in costume!! Can we say woot woot for Santa's little helpers!?

Christmas Eve... gearing up for official Hyannis Marathon training. Run 10 miles, take Christmas off.

New Years Eve... Run 15 miles and have a no guilt evening out. Bring on the sushi, and DO NOT hold back on sauces! Hmmmm, maybe I've achieved ultimate fitness...My legs don't even hurt, not even in these 5 inch heels.

January 16... Run 17 miles (in temps not exceeding 20 degrees). Ahhh! I just started a new job! My son goes to school now! I'm not a stay at home mommy any more! Whoa, life has shifted! Ut Oh, my tummy hurts....

January 17... my second official day at work and I need to call out sick. The Stomach bug has crippled me (and seemingly everyone else in the state of CT, including hubby and my Peanut). Five unplanned rest days ahead. Thank goodness I got my long run in.

January 21... Still not feeling my best but training needs to recommence. 13 miles, here I come!

January 24... My Grandma passes away :o( It's a sad week. Funeral is Sunday. Sister and cousins flying in from all over.

January 28... Grandma's funeral is tomorrow. Gotta log some miles still. 18.5 DONE and in record time, averaging a 9:05 pace! (fueled by advil, mucinex and sudafed, mind you. The stomach bug is gone, but now I have a cold) Shit, I ran 40 miles last week?!!

February 1... Florida is so close, I can taste it! Vacation is upon us. Can't map out a 13 miler for vacation though because I don't know the roads down there. Oh well. Shift training plan. Run 10 miles after work the day before departure, then 10 miles when I get back from FL. Bringing running gear for some short 3 milers around the resort. Wait, it's 62 degrees in CT in February?? Where are my shorts at?

February 2-7...LOTS of walking at Disney. My feet hurt so bad. More so from holding Justin half the time because he hates being in a stroller. We should have got one of those kid leashes... Still setting the alarm for 6:00 am to run before Joe golfs at 9:00 though (only did this twice on vacay).

February 8... right back to the gym, post vacation.

February 9... got that other 10 miler in.

February 11... got 20 miles on the plan. It's supposed to snow then be windy and "frigid" all weekend. Stressing about how I will get this run done. Run 5 miles to gym, 10 on treadmill, then 5 home? Run all outdoors in the snow? I'd rather forgo the frostbite which will ensue from wet cold shoes. Maybe it won't snow at all. After all, it's barely snowed since OCTOBER! Run on dad's treadmill and commission family to keep me company during a movie? At my goal pace, I'll be done in 3ish hours. That's ONLY 3 hours of my life. I can do that! Treadmill, Shmedmill... What movies are 3 hours long? I have Casino on DVD...

These conversations are constant. Not a day goes by I'm not plotting and planning my runs. Thinking about running, what gear I'll need, which route I'll run. Hills? no hills? Indoors? Outdoors? Do I need new insoles? Is this sports bra supportive enough? Where are my good hair elastics?

Stay tuned for how I muddle my way through this 20 tomorrow. My next thoughts will be on the 26.2 I do in two weeks!!


  1. Titanic is 194 minutes... just sayin :) Thanks for continuing to inspire me - I love reading your updates!!

  2. Good luck tomorrow; hurricane Irene made me push my long run until Monday with threats of outages and flying off treadmills in my was the nicest run because it was the calm AFTER the storm!!! You're so lucky you have a vest. I need one.