Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Taper Week is Upon us!

We are 5 days away from my 4th marathon. It will be my 3rd Hartford. In four more short weeks, I'll be completing my 5th marathon. Wow, who planned that endeavor!? LOL! I'm looking forward to Hartford because I love the race. It's a beautiful route with a lot of spectators. This year, I took the plunge and signed up to lead a pace team. Holy Moly! Thinking about it makes me queasy. I'm totally prepared mentally for this awesome experience, but my leg has been sore since the day after my last 21 miler. I was able to get two 21 mile runs in as part of my training this time. For that, I'm feeling confident, BUT still I feel apprehensive about the leg.

I've been nursing the poor thing for a while. Running less, doing the elliptical more. And lots of stretching! I managed to get two yoga sessions in and will be doing Bikram once more this week. Got a massage on Friday too which I'm looking forward to.

If nothing else, I'm hoping a double dose of Advil coupled with some IcyHot will do the trick. I'm determined to finish this race... and in my goal time. I'm leading a group of other racers that aspire to do the same, so it WILL happen. 4:25 is the goal. we will average just under a 10 minute mile and walk through water stops. If I could only find a damn map of the race route, I'd be able to learn about where the water stops are and how many there are. For whatever reason, it's not in a likely location.

I'll assume there is a stop every two miles. I can't remember from previous years.

In checking the marathon website for maps, I found out the pacer information was published. My bio and pic are in the newsletter! Woot woot!! It's very exciting!

So the weather looks great for Saturday. High 50's and some cloud cover. I'm considering registering Justin in the kids fun run. He was so proud after that one run he did. I would love to see his expression after another.

Okay, so it's late. I'm falling asleep. Was up early today at the gym then finished the day with a great Bikram class. Stay tuned for a post race wrap up!

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