Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crimped hair and lace gloves

I woke up today at 7:20...a late start to the morning. Justin let me sleep in a bit which was great because it was a cold morning. I wasn't ready to hit the pavement until it warmed up a bit...around 9:00. I enjoyed a cup of coffee, a mojo bar, some cartoons, Thomas the Train, then set out for 10 miles. Today's run was the last scheduled "long run" on my marathon training plan. It was a good feeling to finish and know that I'm now in my taper period. A week from today I will have two marathons under my belt! Yeah!!

I'm going to a party tonight which was perfectly scheduled. A girl I work with turns 30 tomorrow so her friend is throwing a surprise party for her with an 80's theme. Looking forward to letting loose with no run to worry about tomorrow. Hair is crimped, Debbie Gibson-esque outfit is laid out and Justin is with my dad overnight! Joe's not coming with me but I'm excited to have a night out on my own with people I don't usually hang out with.

Enjoying my day, now on to enjoying my night....


  1. you ever experience any sport injuries that impede your training? I’ve always been a sprinter but would now prefer to do some endurance events but I am having a hard time making progress because I get plantar faciatis so I end up having to run less or go through periods of no running.

  2. Luckily as of late I have not had any injuries. Other than the random over worked muscle that I've learned to rest as to not further hurt. After I had my son, I had lots of injury because I was working too many muscle groups that I had not worked in a long time.