Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vegas Half training begins!!

It's another quintessential New England day... Gray skies, blowing leaves, temps around 50something...perfect running weather!! I want to get back out there and begin training for the Vegas half which is in 6 or 7 weeks. I think I may run my first post marathon run tomorrow. Today will be a gym/crosstrain day. I rested for two days (albeit I did a short recovery run/walk on Sunday) but now it's back to the grind! I go back to work today so it's appropriate to get completely back into my routine.

Vegas will be memorable. Several people I know will be there all at the same time, a lot of them running the half. It's a night time run which starts and ends on the strip so will be pretty cool to be among the "glitz".

Joe, Justin and I are flying out with my mom. She is going to stay with my sister and we'll stay in a hotel. Then two Emilys I know are going too!

Emily Woodward, a fellow Windsor native will be doing her first half marathon!! And Emily Guayaba, a former Windsorite, will be leading a pace team and raising money for Chron's and Colitis! Of course my sis will be running too!

Until December 4, the day of the race, I'm going to focus on building speed and muscle. Gonna hit the track more often and do speed drills. I was dreaming about this last night sadly, lol. Going to focus too on eating better. I love sweets! But I need to cut back BIG TIME!

I think a good goal for this race should be 1:50, pacing 8:24/mile. I'm capable. I think. A few weeks ago, I did 13.1 at a 8:43 pace and that was with no "race adrenaline". We shall see. My sis wants average in the low 7's, eeekkk!! Who knows if either is possible. I know the race is close to selling out, making room for movement sparse.

So, I had my alarm set for an early gym sesh this morning but Justin was not allowing it to happen. That's okay though...will hit the gym later. Let's get this going! For now... Off to Burton's!

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