Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taper Week

Oy, I just got done with a post-punishment snuggle sesh with Justin. He was punished (put in his room) since he decided to smack me in the face during a diaper change. Diaper changes are NEVER easy with my kid. We even use "slip on" diapers now because they are quicker and take less steps to get on.

I think the hitting thing is a phase. He is two and I think him hitting is the way he feels he can express his frustration the best. Let's hope it passes. Potty training is on the horizon...which deserves a premature "oy".

So my 80's party on Saturday was great!! I had a blast. Danced, sang and partied til (gasp) 1:00am!! Lol. There was not one person that did not dress up. It was great and the birthday girl was so surprised!!

I took a rest day on Sunday as far as running goes. Ran 4 miles at an 8:45 pace on Monday but felt every bit of Saturday night in it. Too much beer and junk food. Today I did weights and the ARC trainer at the gym. I think I will do my last pre-marathon run (another 4) tomorrow then rest Thursday and Friday. Massage on Thursday, woot woot!!! Can't wait for that!!!

Loving taper week!! Very little stress and worry to get a workout in. And a massage too!!

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