Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two Years Later...

Wow, just read what I had written two years ago and had a laugh. I had forgotten about this blog honestly until I was accidentally directed to it. Just got up to speed on what my thoughts were as a VERY new mom trying to complete her first marathon. Talk about whiny.... Flash forward two years and I am a whole new person. Thank goodness. Maybe it was hormones back then, lol.

Since November 2009, I've accomplished a lot in my running life. My first full marathon was not the Hyannis as I set out to do per the below posts. I think along the way I decided 26.2 before Justin turned 6 months was too much. I completed my first full in October 2009. My son, in my hubby's arms greeted me at the finish line, age 15 months. I've completed countless half marathons since a few years ago, entered the triathlon community as a sprinter and will be completing my second 26.2 in another 10 or so days. The ING Hartford Marathon again. I've also managed to become a placer in my age group and overall among women in 5K's.

My goal is the same as it was before... to set an example for our youth. Justin is growing up watching his mama succeed in maintaining physical health. He is at almost every finish line with my husband to cheer me on. I believe I'm fostering an environment for him that encourages growth, strength and perseverance. He sees me in pain and in glory after my training runs and just maybe 10 years or so, I will have rubbed off on him enough that he'll be running races with me.

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